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Pig cycle poll — results and comments


Simon Davies

Hugh Crabtree

Oli Brown

Peter Bryant

Paul Toplis

Craig Saunders

Lydia-Jane Harrison

Laura Hancox

Election timetable

January 22 2018 On-line voting opens.

February 5 2018 Postal ballot for members who have not voted on-line.

February 23
2018 Polls close.

March 2018 Results published on-line and in Pig World.

Allied industry manifestos
(so far)

Meadow Quality

I have been involved in the pig industry through hands-on pig production and allied industry for 35 years, ten years of which with Meadow Quality Ltd, and for the last four years my current role has been as Commercial Director, with this position having responsibility for our pig department, the company brand, also maintaining and developing the services we offer.

During my career, I have gained a greater understanding of the industry and been lucky enough to meet and work with many of the interesting characters involved, both past and present. I enjoy networking existing and new relationships both within and outside the industry, chairing a charity, also being involved with a sports club, managing teams and achieving real results, has always been an area I feel passionate about, as I do when representing farmers.

I would like to continue with the NPA Allied Industry Group because by being involved with planning for the challenges faced by the NPA, a team who really do a lot of great work, continuing engaging and helping to lobby, consequently working towards better outcomes for our pig industry, is important for us all.

A growing and demanding human population continues to create challenges for us all regarding food production and security, so being given another chance to be part of helping secure trust, in these uncertain times for the British farmers, businesses and families in the pig industry, helping secure a sustainable future food supply chain for all, would be a privilege.


Having been involved with NPA from its formation I have chaired, served on and supported the Allied Industries Group committee over the years. I have worked in the United Kingdom pig industry for all of my adult career, now 38 years, and I still passionately believe the industry has the potential to lead the world in innovative production management and choice in production systems.

To achieve this, the industry needs a strong voice and NPA's unique qualification is to represent all stakeholders to market. I would like to continue my contribution to improving communications in the industry and keep a clear focus on a thriving prime producer community. I will represent the allied industry members to the best of my ability and humbly request that you support my candidacy. Thank you.

Thames Valley Cambac

I put myself forward for election as I am keen to support and help NPA and the industry in whatever way I can. I have an enormous amount of enthusiasm for the agriculture industry and in particular the pig sector. The diversity of this sector, the people and products offered are fantastic.

We all continue to have more challenges and need to work collaboratively together to achieve benefits for the industry and particularly the producer and promote pork to the consumer. Having regular contact with producers I believe I can represent producers' views and understand all challenges faced by the different sectors as I work closely on a daily basis with the feed, breed, nutrition and veterinary industries.

Having deputised for Phil Woodall I understand what the role requires and what an important role the Allied Industry Group has. Having worked on pig farms and then being brought to Thames Valley Cambac by Andrew Stockings I hope you think I have the grounding to aid this group — and if so, I ask for your support.

A-One Feed Supplements

My initial curiosity about farming began when staying with my grandparents in East Anglia as a child. From this point forward, all I ever wanted was to be actively involved in the farming industry. The last 31 years of my career, have taken me through various different roles from pig production to feed manufacture. This has consolidated my knowledge and understanding of the daily demands prevalent in farming today.

One of my main focuses is to provide young people with similar opportunities I myself was fortunate enough to experience, in the hope of ensuring future generations for our industry.

I would very much like to be a part of the NPA Allied Industry Group, supporting both the farming industry and the NPA. The NPA has become an effective voice for the industry and has run many successful campaigns in the past and I look forward to being able to assist and support these in the future, as well as meeting the current challenges on food safety, antibiotic reduction, and addressing ongoing concerns about farming protection and levels of security in the pig industry.

Becoming part of the NPA Allied Industry Group would be a privilege and enable me to move forward elements that could facilitate industry success as well as meet the constant challenges that arise as the pig industry moves forward.

AB Agri

For more than 40 years I have seen the pig industry confronted by one threat after another. As soon as one problem had been surmounted another menace simply took its place.

The next three years will be no different as Brexit will throw up some unexpected difficulties, further antibiotic reductions will become more urgent but harder, and incursions and other powerful adversaries continue.

After six years on the Allied Industry Group committee I am ready to serve out the remaining three-year term and help to face down these threats and adversaries.

I would be honoured to continue working for the pig industry through NPA both generally and by using my knowledge of nutrition and feed legislation to fight against negative changes such as copper reduction, attempt to reverse losses — such as pharmaceutical zinc oxide use — and help to minimise any losses in efficiency and cost increases associated with changes to feed (and environmental) legislation.

I offer myself for the remaining three-year term to help nurture growth in the United Kingdom pig industry whilst engaging in the inevitable battles needed to defend it.


The pig industry continues to face a number of challenges, not least Brexit uncertainty, security and disease challenges and the requirement to reduce antibiotics. I have put myself forward for election to the NPA Allied Industry Group to continue to proactively assist this great industry and play a key role in supporting producers and the NPA throughout future challenges and opportunities.

In my role as ForFarmers Pig Feed Sales Director I am fortunate enough to get great insight into processes and experiences of both United Kingdom producers and continental colleagues and producers; not only on nutrition but other aspects of pig production. One of the most pressing challenges today is the reduction of antibiotics and I would like to leverage and apply their experience in this area to help the NPA and United Kingdom producers where relevant in this important area.

I am truly passionate about the United Kingdom pig industry, and seek to stand for election to support the excellent work of the NPA and producers and contribute to the continued success of this dynamic industry, to help ensure it remains sustainable and profitable for future generations. I therefore respectfully ask for your kind consideration and support for my election.


I was co-opted onto the Allied Industry Group in 2016 to represent the pharmaceutical sector and I hope I have brought a different perspective to the Group.

I do not represent Huvepharma as a single entity: it is my responsibility to represent the whole of the pharmaceutical sector and to align the objectives of the NPA to other pharma companies and NOAH (National Office of Animal Health).

I believe passionately in animal health and that the pig industry in the United Kingdom can be very proud of the job we do. That said, I believe I can bring perspectives from other livestock sectors and a better understanding of medicine innovation, research and development in the pig sector, especially in light of Brexit.

I am therefore putting myself forward as your NPA Allied Industry Group representative for the pharmaceutical sector.


Eight years in the industry may be short compared to other candidates, but they have been filled with all things pig! After graduating as a vet I completed a PhD researching pre- and post-weaning diarrhoea. After receiving my doctorate I spent three years working as a vet in a pig specialist practice in southwest England. Now I am the National Veterinary Manager for Zoetis.

My current role exposes me to the whole industry as I work with practicing pig vets, producers, big integrators, supermarket representatives, and I still spend time on farm and in the abattoir.

Pig health and medicines are my particular speciality and I sit on the NOAH (National Office of Animal Health) antimicrobial subcommittee and the Pig Veterinary Society Executive Committee. I would love to offer my services and hope my experience as a scientist, vet and pharmaceutical manager will assist the NPA with their good work!

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