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"Prices need to hold here until the end of 2017 and
then there is a 20p a kilo cushion going into
2018. We know that the New Year brings a price cut."

"European differential too great."

"2018 might be a hard year, depends on China and USA.

"More to go yet."

"Falling, but the price remains good. If we were coming up to this
price everyone would be happy! It's going to continue
but should hold around 140p by spring 2018.

"Our industry hasnt yet convinced the British public there is
enough difference between United Kingdom product
and that of imported pig meat. Not easy!"

"Our cycle may need a new pump soon.... "

"Price will continue to fall until March coming close to,
but not beneath, cost of production.
(No idea what 'We've been here before' means??!)"

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