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Producer group CANDIDATES AND THEIR manifestos





Richard Lister

Richard Longthorp

Phil Stephenson


Tom Allen


David Owers


Rob Mutimer


Election rules

NPA Producer Group election

There are 12 seats on Producer Group. Members are elected from five regions:

  • North
  • Midlands
  • East
  • South-central
  • South-west

Each region has one guaranteed place on Producer Group, and a maximum of four places. This ensures each region is represented but no region is over-represented. It also gives producers the opportunity to vote not just for local candidates, but also for candidates who will best represent their production system.

Election timetable

January 22 2018 On-line voting opens.

February 5 2018 Postal ballot for members who have not voted on-line.

February 23 2018 Polls close.

March 2018
Results published on-line and in Pig World.

Producer manifestos
(So far)

North region

Farming in North Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire, with 3,300 sows spread across four breeding units with all progeny finished for a variety of outlets and markets, I have served five terms (15 years!) on Producer Group, and presently serve as chairman.

The pig industry continues to have an array of challenges which I believe the National Pig Association has met with skill, passion and intelligence.

Elected Producer Group members have an important job, ensuring the officer team is well-informed and well-supported. I believe passionately in the role of the National Pig Association and will continue to work on behalf of all the pig industry.

With over 30 years of practical experience, knowledge and commitment I hope you will endorse my nomination.

North region

During its formative years NPA and the British pig industry were faced with major challenges — a clearly unlevel playing field vis-a-vis welfare standards and cost of imports, a levy board that needed holding to account and three rapid incursions of exotic/novel disease. These challenges plus more are still relevant today.

For that, NPA will need a Producer Group and Executive that is able to continue to develop forward-looking strategy and execute prompt and effective action. It will need to challenge itself to be always looking one step ahead. It will also need to ensure the association remains financially sound and continues to have the resources of the calibre and quantity capable of delivering the first-class level of service members have come to expect.

And, notwithstanding my own emphasis on the importance and need for succession, that succession needs to be planned and it needs to be staged if it is to be effective.

Having been around "pig politics" during the lifetime of NPA and having chaired the association on two separate occasions and under two very different periods for our industry I think that I can use that experience to ensure that NPA:

  • Is on the front foot strategically
  • Acts decisively, promptly and effectively
  • And maintains its human and financial resource at a level that allows it to continue to be the leading organisation that it is today — irrespective of what may be round the corner.

Maybe I've mellowed a bit since the edgy era of BPISG — but still got fire in my belly and can still growl when needed.


I am a partner in a fifth-generation family farming business in the south, with a mix of combinable crops and 4,900 indoor and outdoor sows across several sites. The progeny is marketed through Thames Valley Cambac to several customers.

Since the start of my career I have taken an interest in industry politics, chairing Southern Young NPA and the AHDB South Regional Forum, and over the years I've sat on numerous committees and groups associated with both organisations, Defra, Red Tractor and others.

Brexit is leading the United Kingdom into unknown territory which will no doubt come with numerous challenges. Whether they relate to health and welfare, labour, the environment or something completely different, we need to be united and on the front foot, fighting for a sustainable industry regulated by fair, practical and science-based legislation.

It may also bring opportunities for our sector and with these we need to react quickly to ensure we meet the evolving needs of our existing and future customers.

I hope you will allow me to use my passion for this industry to help guide it over the next few years by voting for me as part of the Producer Group.


I farm a 700-sow indoor farrow-to-finish unit in Yorkshire. Having been day-to-day on the farm for the last 35 years I have seen most of the challenges our industry throws up (the good and the bad). I still manage to get my hands dirty on a daily basis.

A strong NPA is essential for the future of our industry to deal with all of the issues faced of which we know there are many. The list is ongoing and challenging.

But we have an excellent team at NPA who need supporting via the Producer Group for our industry to continue to stay ahead of the game.

I am currently chairman of Producer Group and am on the NPA Board and if voted in would represent all producers from a strong practical background and give all the help I can to Zoe and the team.


I manage a 700-sow unit in Lincolnshire and have been involved in pig production all my working live. I can fully understand why many producers are reluctant to put their heads above the parapet in our industry and am not putting myself forward as a candidate because I am on any kind of an ego trip.

The small team we have working for us at NPA do a fantastic job in promoting and protecting our interests. They are enthusiastic, knowledgeable and punch well above their weight.

They deserve and need a strong Producer Group to back them and, when needed, challenge them. Anyone who knows me knows I am passionate and proud of our great industry and I hope you will give me the opportunity to represent you on the Producer Group.


I farm with my wife Helen in North Norfolk. We have 700 outdoor sows and finish the progeny in straw-based sheds on five farms locally. We also run Swannington Farm to Fork, a wholesale and retail butchery business.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my first term on Producer Group. It has been a challenging period for the NPA team dominated by Brexit and challenges from animal rights groups. I feel I have learned a great deal in my first term and this knowledge and experience will help in supporting the NPA team during a critical period towards the end of the Brexit negotiations, if I am lucky enough to be re-elected.

I also became a board member of AHDB Pork in April 2017 and hope this will help forge closer links between NPA and AHDB Pork. It is essential for the long-term success of the pig industry that these two organisations look after the ever-changing political and commercial demands put on the industry.

I passionately believe the NPA team has done an excellent job in looking after its members' interests since its formation and I would very much like to continue working on Producer Group, trying to ensure Brexit is a success for pig producers and the allied industries alike, whilst also ensuring the industry is protected from further regulatory burdens and animal rights groups.



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